Artificial Turfs

New artificial grass products have become top choice for athletic usage. They have been created to offer advantages over grass fields as far as the cost and the usability of the athletic installations are concerned and according to international sport federations' specifications for higher durability in wear and best performance in all weather conditions.   

The artificial turf for soccer fields and tennis courts assures the best playing performance over and above season or climate. All CONSPORT artificial turfs have drainage system that make them playable even in rainy days or immediately after rain and they create a shock-absorbing sports surface, in order to protect athletes from hurts and injuries. 

In contrast to the grass, artificial turf doesn't need maintenance, therefore the soccer field or the tennis court can be continually used. It's ideal for 5X5 soccer fieldshockeygolftennisrugby, as well as for playgrounds and landscaping usage. 

The artificial turf manufacturers we represent and cooperate with are investing in research and development of their products (R&D) achieving the highest quality in products and solutions as far as safetyquality and accuracy of the results are concerned. The systems we install are tested by the greatest and most credible institutions and they are certified internationally.

CONSPORT can provide you with synthetic turfs in a variety of qualities, FIFA certified for football courts, ITF certified for tennis courts, monofilament or fibrillated, which can cover all your needs.

Synthetic turfs are provided in green and red-clay colours. They are offered with 5-year to 8-year guarranty. The sport fields construction with artificial turf is delivered only by specialized and highly educated personnel of CONSPORT*.

*We also undertake the whole construction of athletic centres. 

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                    Soccer Fields with artificial turf                                               Tennis courts with artificial turf