Polyurethane Elastic Flooring for Indoor Courts, Thickness 8-12mm

The polyurethane sports flooring is installed indoors (gyms, sport halls - basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis courts), over concrete surface (even, industrial concrete) or mosaic; it is very resistant to wear and has a particularly long life. The construction of indoor courts is performed by applying the self-leveling polyurethane over SBR rubber roll (rubber granules binded by means of one-component special polyurethane material in prefabricated rolls) in a variety of thicknesses. The marking lines of the sport courts are made with white or colored lines, with colours resistant to intense use, similar to the colours of the top coating.

Thanks to their unique composition, the polyurethane sports floorings combine high elasticity and high durability and they are recommended for indoor sports areas. They are anti-skid, uniform, without joints. The final layer has a matte colour,  it does not stain, whereas the marking lines can be made with a variety of colors, for more than one sport court.


They provide protection to the athlete's health, absorbing the shocks, so that the back and the leg joints are not strained. At the same time, the perfect bounce of the ball is achieved on an athletic surface that is high quality and safe for sports activities and it's maintenance-free. 

Quick dry of materials is achieved during installation and then cleaning is easy. 


Colour: Great variety of colours (RAL Catalogue), according to request.

Usage: Indoor sport halls, indoor courts (basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball), gymnasiums, weightlifting areas. 

*The SBR rubber roll is supplied in a variety of thicknesses. Recommended: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.