Elastic floorings for sports

The elastic floorings for tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball courts and the prefabricated running tracks of CONSPORT provide you with ideal indoor and outdoor sport surfaces. 

The outdoor acrylic courts for basketball-tennis-volleyball-handball are all-weather-resistant and friendly to the athletes and the environment.

The indoor acrylic and polyurethane sport floorings, with SBR rubber roll 3mm to 8mm thickness and total thickness 4+mm to 10mm, are the ideal solution for indoor sport areas (gymnasiums, sport halls, fitness centres).

The high quality PRO-FLEX.M system with ITF (medium, 3) classification certificate, exclusively represented by CONSPORT, provides for exceptional-quality sport activities and high wear-resistence without maintenance cost

Choose subcategory

  • Ακρυλικά γήπεδα μπάσκετ, βόλλεϋ, τέννις, 2-3mm
    Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis courts with acrylic materials, 2-3mm
  • Ακρυλικά γήπεδα μπάσκετ, βόλλεϋ, τέννις, 4-10mm
    Acrylic materials for Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis courts, 4-10mm
  • Πολυουρεθανικά γήπεδα μπάσκετ, βόλλεϋ, τέννις, 8-12mm
    Polyurethane materials (PU) for Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis courts, 8-12mm
  • Διάδρομοι στίβου
    Running tracks construction