Artificial Turf for Tennis Courts


Artificial grass for tennis: green, red-clay, blue

The artificial turf for tennis court constructions rapidly becomes the highest preference for athletes and for tennis academies world-wide. Its high quality and excellent result as far as construction is concerned, gives an excellent athletic surface that can be used in all weather conditions, and  its high performance can satisfy all athletes – from non-professionals to the most demanding ones.
Artificial turf is ideal for tennis courts, due to its promptitude of application, low demands in maintenance, resistance in wear as well as its high performance characteristics.

In our range of products, you can find either ITF certified tennis grass or without ITF.

  • Uses: tennis, golf, hockey, multi-purpose sport fields and other outdoor activities.
  • Yarn: PE, 6000-8800 Dtex, 15-20mm pile height, Fibrillated
  • Color: Green, Red, blue
  • Infill materials: quartz sand for sport fields
  • Warranty: 5-6 years


The artificial turf for tennis court construction is rough in feeling and according to its density (Stitch rate per square meter), it can give different result as far as speed and bounce of the ball, classification according to ITF, etc.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
    The artificial turf reduces effectively the shock that strains the joints and ankles, protecting tennis players from injuries.
    The composition of the material excludes all hazards regarding environmental pollution. The product is harmless to the soil or underground waters. It’s anti-polluting, UV-resistant, anti-parasitic and noise-absorbing.
  • High UV-Stability
    Artificial turf’s unique elements and its manufacturing technology guarantee its perfect performance and resistance even in areas with high levels of solar radiation.