Artificial turf for sports | Basketball court construction | Tennis court construction | Soccer field construction

Having an experience of decades and a long-term cooperation with the greatest international trading houses, CONSPORT is a high specification company in artificial turf soccer field construction, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts construction with acrylic materials, sport areas, playgrounds and sport goods trading in Greece and abroad.

  • Συνθετικοί χλοοτάπητες
    Sport field artificial turf (5X5, Tennis)
  • Ελαστικοί τάπητες
    Elastic basketball court flooring
  • Παιδικές χαρές
  • Διακοσμητικοί χλοοτάπητες
    Playground landscaping artificial grass
  • Αθλητικός Εξοπλισμός
    Sports equipment
  • Συντήρηση γηπέδων
    Maintenance of artificial turf sport fields

Soccer field (5X5) construction with FIFA artificial turf 

We undertake the construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor athletic floorings in private and public sport installations and we have constructed some of the biggest soccer fields (5X5) with artificial turf in training centres of football teams and academies.

Basketball-Tennis-Volleyball Courts Materials

We supply acrylic materials for basketball, tennis, volleyball courts construction of indoor and outdoor athletic areas, with ITFclassifications, in green, red, blue, yellow colour or combination of two colours. 

Tennis court construction with ITF elastic sports flooring or artificial turf

We have a great experience in tennis court construction with acrylic materials ITFclassified, and we have cooperated with some of the biggest hotels and company groups for the construction of tennis courts with ITF artificial turf in big hotel installations.

Playgrounds construction

We also undertake the complete construction of playgrounds with safety floorings or sport floorings and certified playground equipment.

Our company, CONSPORT, is the first sport field constructing company provided with a Certificate of Quality Management System complying with the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our goal is the best possible service at the soonest possible time, with application of exclusively excellent materials for sport floorings construction, according to the required specifications.